Rope Stanchion Set

Crowd control queue is essential for all retail business and high traffic venues. With the right choices of crowd control equipment, it not only presents a good impression and also enhance the overall appearance of the business.

Rope barriers are become popluar nowsday.  People use to think rope stanchions are only for classic or high end events, but because of its flexibility and variety, it is now widely adapted by different new business trend.  VIP Crowd Control rope stanchions set offers vareity selections of ropes.  From the most classic rope to trendy hemp rope, our options is limitless.  

Photobooth, car show exhibitors, red carpet and grand opening events are the most common venues that select rope and stanchions for their crowd control setup.  Besides the brass rope barriers with red velour rope combination, our most common sold rope color choices are black, blue, burgundy and yellow in both velour and braided options.  Those rope barrier and queue posts also work with several sign frames options we carry if you are looking for a good way to either advertise your business or provide a clear message for your clients.