Distributor Program

VIP Crowd Control is always searching for new business partners that have the same business mentality and goal to deliver our products and service to our customers.  We have a lot of experiences working with different industries.  From retail, banking, hotels, casions, photobooth to rental businesses, VIP Crowd Control's shop has all your needs.  No matter you are looking for retractable belt stanchions, rope decorative stanchions, plastic stanchions to any other crowd control stanchions, we have all your need.  We are growing and we truly believe getting the right distributors that understand the business opportunities of their regional market and territory will be essential to our future growth and success.

In order to be part of our distributor program, VIP Crowd Control does request business partners to meet some minimum requirements in order to carry out the same passion and enthusiastic we have strived to maintain over these years.

Please take sometimes to help us filled out a business application form and provide a briefly explanation on the platforms that will be offering, so our VIP Crowd Control management will be able to evaluate and put together the right packages that are suitable for you and your dedicated market share.

All communication please forward to sales@vipcrowdcontrol.com or fill out our Reseller Application and we will be contacting you shortly and look forward to our future partnership.